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Spazio Casa began this venture to assist non-professionals to visualize their dream houses along with their dream bathrooms with some easy tools. We have years of experience in design software development and architecture.

Searching and hiring an agency

As we all know that nobody got time for searching and hiring an agency and not everybody can afford them.

Today Spazio Casa is a team of many. We managed to convey the functionality from the excellent enterprise design tools into our platform. In only a few years, we have grown from a small start-up with some potential customers to a sturdy provider with thousands of customers.

Spazio Casa gives everybody a chance

Spazio Casa gives everybody a chance to create and design their own bathroom according to their wish. You can create the space you have always desired. It does not matter if you are a skilled designer or just a beginner, we are there to get you what you have always wanted.

Spazio Casa’s intuitive tool helps you

Spazio Casa’s intuitive tool helps you to test with unique factors of bathroom planning and you can always see the mind-blowing results in 2D and 3D visualizations. Learn new abilities to design and plan with our Interior Design School. Our service assists you in better planning and designing your bathroom from various backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience.

Our client network consists

Our client network consists of every person from average homeowners, who are excited to renovate their bathrooms, to interior design experts working on critical industrial projects.


What You Get

visualize your ideas

Think about home, use Spazio Casa to visualize your ideas.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell: Spazio Casa represents a unique design language that defines us and that is going to make your dream come true.

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Bathroom Online Design – 5 Online Bathroom Design Tips

Restroom on-line develop will help you produce the restroom that’s perfect for you. On-line restroom develop implies discovering as long as you can regarding what developing one of the most practical and appealing restroom truly needs.

The restroom can be greater than a space for individual health or pet grooming. For instance, if you have actually the area, you can include house workout devices and a songs system or TV in your restroom. As you wage your restroom on-line develop, start maintaining a note pad with your concepts and publication clippings of what you desire your restroom to resemble.

Right below are 5 restroom on-line develop suggestions that might put on the restroom that you are producing:

  1. Restroom Illumination – your restroom illumination can be all-natural or synthetic. Illumination is utilized to light up and lighten up the area and illumination can impact how you really feel within your restroom. Utilize a home window, a wall surface skylight or roofing system skylight to generate all-natural light or a good outdoors see. And a skylight that opens up readies since the wetness produced by showering or showering can be decreased. Synthetic illumination can be an above basic light,
  2. Restroom Air flow – restroom on-line develop ought to evaluate restroom wetness. Since a restroom produces moisture and wetness, this air-borne sprinkle can trigger issues with the restroom surfaces. A properly-sized power ventilator can be set up that will draw damp air from the restroom to the outdoors. Ventilating followers dimensions are suggested by the number of cubic feet of air they can removal each min (cfm). Utilize a ventilating follower that will eliminate air from the restroom to the outdoors regarding 7 or 8 times each hr. For instance, a 6’x8’x8′ restroom equates to 384 cubic feet, split by 8 times each hr equates to 48cfm dimension follower.

Bathroom Designs Idea – Can I Design My Own Bathroom?

A restroom styles concept — can I truly develop my very own restroom? Why not! Today, the restroom is a lot greater than simply a space for pet grooming and a location to check out. Restrooms can be a great location for house workout devices and a great songs system or TV, for instance. What much far better method to relax from the day compared to a relaxing shower or cozy take in the bathtub with candle lights and unwinding songs. So begin a note pad. When you obtain a restroom styles concept, compose it down. Quickly you will have specified the restroom that is perfect for you.

Develop my very own restroom? You wager you can! When developing your personal restroom, a few of the concerns you ought to ask (and response) consist of:

How huge will the restroom be? Restroom dimensions consist of:

o Grasp restroom or high-end restroom – consists of bathroom, bidet, 2 sinks, different bathtub and shower, whirpool or health day medical medhealth club and possibly more, depending upon your budget plan. Some grasp restrooms are big sufficient to have workout devices, and they are subdivided into smaller sized areas for personal privacy depending upon what is required.

o Complete restroom – consists of bathroom, sink, and mix bathtub/shower plumbed along one wall surface. Common measurements are 5×7 or 5×8 feet.

o Fifty percent restroom – consists of sink and bathroom just. It can be put on the primary flooring of your the home of decrease the early morning hurry, and the household does not need to go upstairs to utilize the bathroom. Typical measurements are in between 3×6 and 4×5 feet, regarding the dimension of a smaller sized wardrobe.

o Little restroom – consists of edge shower delay, bathroom and sink and common measurements are 6×6 feet.

Children’s restrooms ought to have lots of storage space and cubbies that are risk-free and vibrant. If a number of children will utilize the exact same restroom, a wall surface or fifty percent wall surface in between the bathroom and the remainder of the restroom might be a smart idea.

o Visitor restroom – can be a three-quarter restroom or a complete restroom.

Are you preparation to have practical storage space in the restroom? A style my very own restroom individual will constantly consist of restroom storage space. You can discover a mix sink/vanity for additional storage space. A fantastic restroom styles concept is you can never ever have excessive restroom storage space! Utilize the wall surface area carefully with racks or cupboards over the commode or practically throughout the restroom. Think about utilizing edge racks, and hang towel bars over each other. Include a medication cupboard with mirror for your restroom to keep pet grooming materials, medication or toiletries. Typically, the medication cupboard was constantly situated over the vanity or sink, however nowadays you can location it somewhere else in the restroom. Include a shower caddy for your edge shower for additional storage space.

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